Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Links: CakeSpy, Ice Cream and Coca Cola Cupcakes

It was great to have Jessie Oleson Moore on last #getbaked chat. If you missed it, you can watch it now on YouTube. Our next #getbaked web chat will be about baking bread and making pizza dough.  Below is an ice cream illustration by Jessie; every Friday, she does a round-up links. Her ice cream illustration is especially timely since the listeria outbreak that has affected both Blue Bell and Jenis Splendid Ice Cream. I am a fan of both so I hope ice cream production will resume soon.

Here's a recipe for Coca Cola cupcakes.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cake and Cupcakes For Earth Day at Botanical Garden

I celebrated Earth Day locally by going to the Native Plant Botanical Garden at Georgia Perimeter College. To celebrate both Earth Day and the @5th Anniversary of the garden, there were a cookout with hot dogs and there was cake, cookies and cupcakes. There was also a plant raffle and I won a Prairie Trillium.

Celebrated #earthday by going to local botanical garden. I won a Prairie Trillium. Now how to keep it from dying.


Monday, April 20, 2015

New Cookbook: Biscuits by Jackie Garvin

If you love biscuits, scones or tea cakes, then check out the new cookbook, Biscuits, Sweet and Savory Southern Recipes for the All- American Kitchen. Jackie Garvin has compiled some delicious recipes of both sweet and savory. There's sweet recipes for biscuit doughnuts, monkey bread, cobbler and cinnamon rolls. Also there is a recipe for pizza pull-apart bread. Yum! Biscuits comes out May 5th, but you can pre-order the cookbook now.

Jackie Garvin is a blogger who created her Southern food blog, Syrup and Biscuits, to chronicle wonderful food memories before they were forgotten. She is the recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award by Southern Food Network. She lives in Valrico, Florida, with her husband and basset hound, who are both fed regularly.

Biscuits cookbook by Jackie Garvin

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sunday's #GetBaked Is All About Creative Baking

The next #getbaked is this Sunday, April 19th at 5PM EDT/2PM PDT.  This week's guests are Jessie Oleson Moore, Kaysie Lackey and Betty Ann Quirino.

You can watch the show on YouTube.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ladybug Cake Pops

Do ladybugs bring luck? Some cultures believe seeing a ladybug brings good luck. The person may then succeed in love, have good weather, experience financial success or simply receive some other desired wish.

Ladybug cake pops are probably lucky to. Check out Sugarkissed blog post on how make them.
Ladybug Cake Pops

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's Your Dozen?

I am working on a new article for where I am creating a list of a dozen cupcake flavors that every bakery should have. Of course there's are holiday, seasonal, or limited edition cupcakes that a bakery can have, but it would be good to have of what cupcake bakers and cupcake lovers would love to see in every bakery. Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet are a must. Please let me know in the comments what other cupcakes flavors should a bakery have. In other words, #whatsyourdozen.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Got Coconut?! Make Macaroons

Here's an idea if you have leftover shredded coconut from Easter. You can make macaroons. I made a small batch using a recipe from Christina Lane's cookbook, Dessert For Two. Thanks to Nielsen Massey, I have some almond extract. The recipe calls for cooking spray and I used Bertolli Cooking Spray. It is great spray to use. It is a good cooking spray which can be used for both baking and cooking. Olive oil has many health benefits including lowering bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Although olive oil is mostly known for its use in savory dishes, olive oil is used in cupcakes and even ice cream.


For more on macaroons, check out Dan Cohen's cookbook, The Macaroon Bible.

It's Never Too Early For Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ok, so we here at Cupcakes Take The Cake are always on the look out for cupcake innovation. We have seen savory cupcakes, cupcakes in jars, stuffed cupcakes and more. It may seem like ice cream is a summer food, but ice cream cone cupcakes are for any day of the day of the year.   Juli Jacklin is a creative baker who made these below.